Underground Youth Orchestra after 10 years of artistic presence became one of the most important youth symphonic orchestras in Greece. The last few years, the orchestra is active abroad as well, collaborating with German universities and sectors. In 2019, after an honorable invitation, participated in the International Festival of Youth Orchestras: Young Euro Classic, invitation that was given for the first time to a Greek youth symphonic orchestra.

Underground Youth Orchestra aims to offer the opportunity to young talented musicians, to educate themselves on orchestral art, participate in high level concerts in Greece and all around the world, with internationally renowned soloists and teachers. Furthermore, UYO provides guidance, promotion and artistic development to young talented musicians through their soloistic appearance with the orchestra and through their participation on master classes with carefully selected teachers all around Europe.

UYO ensures the free participation of their members on the artistic and educational programs provided.  Certifying the participation of their members in UYO’S actions, contributes decisively on any further educational development of talented musicians internationally.

The rehearsals are taking place on Megaron Concert Hall in Athens and are coordinated by the educational team of the orchestra, which ensures a high-level groundwork. Consists of prominent teachers with active participation in the orchestra:


  • Frans Shestani (Orchestra Academica) professor in charge of Strings.
  • Kostas Siskos (Athens State Orchestra) professor in charge of brass instruments
  • Michalis Ramos (Athens State Orchestra) professor in charge of woodwinds instruments
  • Marinos Tranoudakis (Greek National Opera Orchestra) professor in charge of percussion instruments

Founder and art director of the orchestra is Costas Eliades.


UYO apart from its artistic actions develops a complex educational program called UYO Network, aiming to advance and disseminate orchestral art. UYO Network had immediate effect and a great example is the founding of the Chalandri Youth Symphonic Orchestra, in collaboration with Chalandri urban district.

In its 10 years of life Underground Youth Orchestra, which started from an underground basement (hence the name), has cooperated with important and well-known conductors (Christoph Eschenbach, Catherine Larsen-Maguire, Garrett Keast, Anastasios Simeonides, Michales Economou) as well as accomplished artists from Greece.  (Ellh Paspala, Maria Farantouri, Dimitra Galani, Aleksandra Aidini, Maksimo Moumouri, Aki Sakelariou)


Until now UYO accomplished over 80 concerts in Athens and other cities of Greece as well as internationally, such as on the university of Tubingen, on Berlin at Arts University in cooperation with Julius Stern Institute. In 2019 UYO is invited on the International Festival of Youth Orchestras Young Euro Classic in Berlin. Greece was the honored country of the festival for the year of 2019 and the concert was directed by the famous musician Christoph Eschenbach.


Below you can find some past events that UYO participated: The concert at the Hall of Greek Parliament, on the context of the celebration of 28th of October, which was broadcasted live nationally from the tv channel of the Parliament. The participation in the events of the Touch of the Olympic Flame for the winter Olympics Games of 2014 in Ancient Olympia. The participation in the events “Η Νυχτα Μερα” on the grand opening of the Stavros Niarchos Park. The participation on the recording and videoclip of the song ‘’ I Love Athens’’ with Elli Paspala. The participation on the celebration of 25 years from the union of West and East Germany, which was organized from the German embassy in Athens. Participated in the concerts “Στον Κηπο του Μεγαρου 2016’’ which is organized by the Megaron Athens Concert Hall. Participated in the Symphonic scenic ballad “Τραγουδωντας την Γερμαof F.G. Lorca “LlawFall” in direction of Maksimos Moumouris with music from Pink Floyd at M. Kakogiannis institution. In 2015 the first CD titled “THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH ORCHESTRA LIVE “with live recordings from UYO’s concerts all around the world.


Underground Youth Orchestra is honored to have the support and be under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Athens as well as charitable organizations in Greece and abroad. After the declaration of the orchestra as Greek Ambassador from the Greek National Tourism Organization in its campaign for Greek Tourism in 2020, UYO is under the auspices of the GNTO. The actions of the educational program are also supported by ERT and TRITO PROGRAM.



In its 5 years of operation UYO:

Has given more than 50 concerts in Greece and abroad

Has featured more than 120 active students

Has attracted more than 15.000 spectators in its concerts

Has collaborated with 3 youth orchestras in Greece and in Germany