Regulations for the Operation & Participation of Members of the Orchestra

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    The aim of the orchestra is to introduce its members to different genres of quality music, expanding their repertoire, as well as their technical and expressive abilities and to develop the spirit of teamwork. The members of the orchestra, through the scholarship offered by the Underground Youth Orchestra and their participation in artistic events in Greece and abroad, as well as in educational programs, prepare for their professional careers.

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    Participation in the Orchestra presupposes the unconditional acceptance of all the terms of this regulation, as it is valid at any time with any amendments. Failure to comply with this regulation may result in the loss of UYO membership at any time, following a decision of its conductor and the teachers of the orchestra.

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    Greek citizens or foreign citizens legally residing in Greece, regardless of gender, up to 25 years old, have the right to participate in the Orchestra, after a hearing. Evaluators of the candidate members, in addition to its conductor, are also the music teachers who assist in the training of the members of the orchestra. The top of each body can also participate in the committee. In special cases, the age limits may differ and are determined by a decision of the evaluation committee.

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    Joining the Orchestra is only possible after regular or extraordinary auditions. The time and place of the hearings, as well as their subject matter are decided by the evaluation committee and announced in a timely manner. In order to become a member of the Orchestra, anyone, either himself or, in the case of minors (under 18 years of age), his Parent or Guardian, must accept the Rules and the member remains in the Orchestra for a probationary period of 4-8 weeks. Extension of the probationary period can be decided only by the conductor and the responsible teachers.

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    For members who join the UYO, attendance and participation in rehearsals and artistic events is mandatory. Rehearsals are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the Athens Concert Hall (Rehearsal Room 12). Extra rehearsals can be arranged depending on the requirements of the programme. The schedule of rehearsals, training and artistic activity of the Orchestra is determined under the sole responsibility of its conductor and the teachers in charge. Absences are the greatest impediment to the progress of the members and it must be understood that absences affect the performance and coordination of the orchestra. If a member is absent from a rehearsal, he or she is not relieved of the obligation to study and prepare the music score for the next rehearsal. In case of absence of a UYO member for a serious reason,the member must inform the conductor or teachers by the most appropriate means of communication and request an exemption as soon as possible after becoming aware of his/her inability to attend and in any case before the scheduled rehearsal or concert. In any case, absence for more than 20% of the total rehearsal time, non-attendance of a member in more than three (3) consecutive rehearsals, may lead to non-participation in the scheduled concert or loss of membership.. In case of good or serious reason, the conductor and the teachers in charge are solely responsible for the deviation of the above.

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    The members of the Orchestra must arrive at the rehearsal area 15 minutes before the rehearsal begins and during it they must pay full attention to the instructions, persuasions and remarks of the conductor and, as the case may be, the responsible teacher. The tests will last about three hours and are determined by the conductor as needed. It is possible to perform partial tests with families of instruments but also with part of all the musicians. The opening hours of the Orchestra are determined by its conductor at the beginning of each period, taking into account the needs of the members during the examination periods of primary and secondary education. The rehearsal is allowed by people outside the orchestra only with the permission of the Maestro. At the beginning of the rehearsal, it is the obligation of the members of the Orchestra to have their instruments maintained, in good condition and strung.

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    The positions of the members in the analogies and the various instrument families (First, Second Violins, etc.) are determined by the Maestro and may change according to the needs of better performance of specific works. Members must maintain cleanliness and order as well as non-causing damage to furniture, utensils, instruments and facilities of rehearsal and concert venues. It is in the exclusive competence and responsibility of the Conductor of the Orchestra the final choice each time of the members – musicians, who participate in the various artistic events, depending on their performance.

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    The understanding of the regulation by the members themselves and by the Parents-Guardians of the minor students, as well as the development-explanation to their children of its provisions and the analysis of the expediency of their faithful application, decisively helps the work of the Orchestra. Parents take care of the timely and regular attendance of children in the rehearsal-performance areas and accompany their children, as long as they are minors. Parents of minor children can be informed about the progress of their children as well as about the problems and prospects of the Orchestra by the responsible teachers.

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    During educational trips in Greece and abroad, the members of the Orchestra must obey the suggestions of the accompanying teachers. In case the teachers deem that this is not observed, they have the right to cancel his participation in the educational trip and his immediate return to Athens at his own expense. For trips outside Greece, members must be provided with the European Health Insurance Card.

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    Each member of the Orchestra can occupy one of the following positions: a) Member, b) Conductor, c) Top. The evolution of a member of UYO to the next higher grade is based on his overall presence and participation, his technical training, behavior and ethos. Factors such as age or length of stay at UYO are not criteria for development. The top and top conductors of UYO are audited by the Maestro and the teachers for their effectiveness in terms of class, organization and the spirit of collaboration that prevails in their groups.

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    Material rewards for students – Members of the Orchestra are not provided.

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    UYO through “Ekfrassis Productions” can issue a certificate of participation of its members in the annual operation of the Orchestra, with a report for each concert, so that they can be used to confirm their artistic development and training.

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    The costume of the concerts is determined by the Maestro and is mandatory for all participants

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    Travel to and from rehearsal and concert venues is the responsibility of the members. Exceptions are the events outside Athens for which special care will have been taken by “Ekfrassis Productions” for the mode of transport as well as for any charges of the members.

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    The members will be informed about anything related to the operation of the Orchestra, electronically to the group that has been created for this purpose on Facebook. Only members of the Orchestra are accepted into this group.

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    The scores provided to UYO members, in printed or electronic form, are copyright of UYO. It is forbidden to reproduce them in any way and make them available to persons or entities outside the UYO, without the permission of the Maestro.

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          Privileges of UYO members: UYO :

    a) 1 (one) free invitation for each concert in which the member of the orchestra participates *. *

    b) Discounts from (10% to 25%) ** on CDs, books, etc., produced by Ekfrassis Productions.** CD,Books etc of Ekfrassis Productions

    c) Discount on the cost of participation in the training seminars organized by Ekfrassis Productions.

    d) Participation with preferential terms and prices, in educational trips, in Greece and abroad.

    * Events are excluded at which UYO is a guest, or “Ekfrassis Productions” is a co-producer, in which case another ticket is the responsibility of the tickets.

    ** ** The amount of the discounts is determined by the “Μουσική Έκφραση” per case.