Underground Youth Orchestra with more than twelve years of active artistic presence is one of the most important youth symphony orchestras in Greece.

Since 2016 she has been active abroad, collaborating with German universities and institutions. In 2019, following an honorary invitation, she participates in the Young Euro Classic International Festival of Youth Orchestras, conducted by Christoph Eschenbach, an invitation given for the first time to a Greek youth symphony orchestra.

The goal of the Underground Youth Orchestra is to offer young talented musicians the opportunity to train in the orchestral art by participating in high level concerts in Greece and abroad, with famous conductors and soloists. At the same time, it offers the opportunity for the artistic development of its talented members through their solo performances with the orchestra and their participation in master classes with selected teachers from Europe.

UYO ensures the free participation of its members in its artistic and educational programmes. By certifying the participation of its members in its activities, it makes a decisive contribution to the further educational development of talented musicians abroad.

The rehearsals of the orchestra take place at the Athens Concert Hall and are coordinated by the orchestra's training team, which ensures a high level of preparation.

  • Founder, conductor and artistic director of the orchestra is Costas Eliades.
  • Co-Founder is Efstathia Papagergopoulou
  • Music Director and conductor is Stathis Karapanos

UYO consists of distinguished professors with active involvement in orchestras:

Φράνς Σεστάνι
Frans SestaniAcademica Orchestra
String Teacher
Κώστας Σίσκος
Costas SiskosAthens State Orchesta
Brass Teacher
Μιχάλης Ραμός
Michales RamosAthens State Orchesta
Woodern Brass Teacher
Μαρίνος Τρανουδάκης
Marinos TranoudakisΕ.Λ.Σ. Orchestra
Percussion Teacher

UYO Network

In addition to its artistic activities, the UYO develops a complex educational programme, the UYO Network, in order to develop and disseminate the orchestral art.

Municipality of Chalandri

In addition to its artistic activities, the UYO develops a complex educational programme, the UYO Network, in order to develop and disseminate the orchestral art. The fruit of this effort is the foundation of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Halandri, which was established in cooperation with the Municipality of Halandri.

UYO has collaborated with important conductors

During the ten years of the orchestra's presence, which started in a basement (hence its name), the orchestra has performed over 80 concerts in Athens, other cities in Greece and abroad. The UYO has collaborated with important conductors:Christoph Eschenbach, Justus Frantz, Garrett Keast, Stefan Geiger, Catherine LarsenMaguire, Mirian Khukhunaishvili, Αναστάσιο Συμεωνίδη, Μιχάλη Οικονόμου) as well as established soloists (MariePierre Langlamet, Marisol Montalvo, Johannes Przygodda, Wolfgang Schröder, Στάθης Καραπάνος, Τριαντάφυλλος Λιώτης, Κατερίνα Χατζηνικολάου)


Organized masterclasses with renowned teachers such as  Οlga Ηoldorff-Μyriangou, Μartin Smith, Κατερίνα Χατζηνικολάου, Wolfgang Schröder, Joel Marosi, JanLuc Sperissen, Vilmos Olah.


Abroad collaborated and gave concerts in University of Tübingenin Berlin στο University of arts in collaboration with Julius Stern Institute as well as at Mannheim.

Past performances include

past performances include: The concert in the Hall of the Hellenic Parliament as part of the 28th of October celebrations, which was broadcast live on the Parliament Channel. Participation in the flame-lighting ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Ancient Olympia. Her participation in the "Night Day" events of the inauguration of the Stavros Niarchos Park. Her participation in the recording and video clip of the song "I Love Athens" with Elli Paspala. Her participation in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the union of the two Germanies, organized by the German Embassy. She participated in the concerts "In the Garden of Megaron 2016" organized by the Megaron Music Hall. He participated in the symphonic stage ballad "Singing the Germa" by F.G. Lorca, as well as in the performance "LlawFall" directed by Maximos Moumouris, with music by Pink Floyd, at the M. kakoyannis Foundation.

The Cargo Project

The Cargo Project, a multi-faceted project aimed at raising awareness about climate change, which involved the recording and filming of innovative music. The Underground Youth Orchestra recorded the music of Konstantinos Michaelides, which was used as the soundtrack for the production's 3D video. Costas Eliades supervised the orchestration and creation of the music material used. The action is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


The first CD was released in 2015

with live recordings from concerts given by the Orchestra.

Greek Ambassador

The Underground Youth Orchestra is honored to be supported and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Athens and charitable institutions abroad. Following the orchestra's designation as Greek Ambassador by the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) in its 2020 campaign for Greek tourism, the orchestra is also under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization. The actions of the educational programme are supported by ERT and the Third Programme as communication sponsor.



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