The Underground Υouth Orchestra was founded in 2010. It started as a group of children that just wanted to meet and play music together. The rehearsals were taking place in an underground basement (hence its name!) and during the first years the concerts had an educational character. Quite soon though, the group started achieving distinctions, participating in festivals, giving concerts, gaining music lovers. Today the orchestra comprises 45 music students, aged 10-24 years, and is completed by four professional musicians, Efstathia Papageorgopoulou, Franc Shestani, Antonela Cefa and Oswald Amiralis, who are involved in the orchestra’ s organization and education. Costas Eliades is the artistic director, conductor and music arranger of UYO.

So far, UYO has given more than 50 concerts across Greece. A few of its most important performances are:

UYO’ s concert in the Greek Parliament Hall in the context of the October 28th celebration, transmitted live by the Hellenic Parliament TV.
UYO’ s participation in the festivities of the Olympic Torch Relay in the 2014 Winter Olympics, in Ancient Olympia.
UYO’ s participation in the “Light Up the Night” festival for the opening of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.
UYO’ s collaboration with Elly Paspala in the recording and the video-clip filming of the song “I love Athens”.
UYO’ s participation in the commemoration of the 25 years of German Reunification, organized by the German Embassy in Athens.
UYO’ s participation in the “Athens Concert Hall’s Garden Concerts 2016”.
UYO’ s participation in the musical play “Singing Yerma” by Federico Garcia Lorca at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.
In 2016, UYO gave its first performance abroad, in Tübingen, Germany, after the invitation of the University of Tübingen and the German Federal Ministry of Youth.
UYO has so far collaborated with Maria Farantouri, Dimitra Galani, sopranos Elpiniki Zervou and Evdokia Moysidou and collaborates regularly with Elly Paspala.

In 2015 UYO released its first CD entitled “THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH ORCHESTRA LIVE” including live recordings from its concerts.
UYO comprises of string instruments (violins, viols, cellos, double basses), wooden wind instruments (flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, bassoon), brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, tuba), harp, percussion and piano. According to the recordings’ demands the orchestra includes harmonica, guitar and traditional instruments (qanun).
UYO’ s repertory starts has classical music as its starting point and expands to the entire spectrum of the so-called contemporary quality music. A distinctive feature of UYO’ s live performances is the presentation of works via thematic sections: Music from Latin America, from Southern European Countries, presentation of symphonic by Greek composers, cinematic music.
During the last two years, UYO has initiated an educational program mainly aiming at bringing young kids in contact with the magical world of the orchestra. Under this framework, UYO integrates young music students from every city it tours.


In its 5 years of operation UYO:

Has given more than 50 concerts in Greece and abroad

Has featured more than 120 active students

Has attracted more than 15.000 spectators in its concerts

Has collaborated with 3 youth orchestras in Greece and in Germany